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2014 Movies

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Broad City Season 1

Ilana and Abbi are two Jewish American who attempt to "make it" in New York City. While they are trying to avoid working to perusing their hedonism, they are constantly get caught up in absurd...

A Little Game


A Little Game

Maxine Kuftinec, a 10 year old downtown girl, is ostracized at her new uptown school and shaken by the death of her beloved grandmother. Accidentally, she finds an unlikely mentor who is a...

Olive Kitteridge (Part 1)

The Olive Kitteridge (Part 1) begins with an elderly Olive walking into the forest, planning to commit suicide. As she kneels on a blanket and thinks about her life, the episode flashes back 25 years...

Grantham And Rose

Grantham is seventeen, and he struggles to find his way as a man. On his road trip, he must take care of an African woman named Rose, who is eighty one years old. Rose has a unique style that is...

The Equalizer


The Equalizer

Former agent McCall – an unsung hero, wants to retire and put his past behind to start a new peaceful life. But everything seems to deviate from their own trajectory since he helps a girl to escape...




In Calvary, a good-hearted priest is threatened because of falling into a confession. He must fight the dark forces around to protect hiimself from danger. Does evolution how movies will, invite you...

Robot Overlords

The earth is invaded by robots from the outer space. Getting away from the fear of cold blood killing machine, the kids have to take the responsibility to save their homeland.

While We Are Young

The story revolves around the daily life of the couple Josh Cornelia. Josh is currently a famous writer, but hi lonely life ended when Josh meets a girl Cornelia. Their relationship starts with the...

The Princess of France

A year after directing a troupe of young actors in “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” Victor returns from Mexico to Buenos Aires, re-gathering the cast to record a radio performance, but all the...

Constantine - Season 1

The movie retells a story about an American master. He is John Constantine. Born as a supernatural person, he use his own skills and experience to protect and balance the world issues between good...

Ben 10 Omniverse - Season 6

Vilgax and Eon team up to wipe out every Ben in every dimension. Professor Paradox unites the good Bens from across all dimensions to take on Vilgax, Eon, and the evil Bens in the ultimate showdown.




The story of a director who is given 48 hours by a producer to look for the best groan of pain, worthy of an Oscar, as the only condition to back his film.

Garm Wars The Last Druid

In this action sci-fi thriller, a cyber warrior is trapped in the clone war of three military tribes. Realizing the meaningless and cruel nature of this fighting, she resembles a group of abnormal...

The Little House

Set in the 1930s and 1940s in Japan, the film follows a woman as she leaves Yamagata for Tokyo as an indentured servant to work as a housemaid. She fits in well, but everyone's emotions are stirred...

Sinbad The Fifth Voyage

When A malevolent sorcerer has kidnapped the Sultan's firstborn daughter, Sinbad is tasked with traveling through a desert of magic and mythical creatures to save her.




Kylie Bucknell is forced to return to the house she grew up in when the court places her on home detention. Kylie Bucknell feels insecure when she hears whispering voices and strange noises around...

Elementary - Season 3

Elementary - Season 3 continues the slug stories of the famous detective and somewhat 'crazy' Sherlock Holmes with J. Watson - a beautiful female colleague in the most modern city of the world New...

Major Crimes - Season 3

In this season, a father and his two children are missing from their home, and the team soon suspects that it may be related to marital issues. Meanwhile, Rusty has an urgent question for Provenza.

Bojack Horseman - Season 2

Season continues the story of BoJack and his friends. He and Todd watch a very special Christmas episode of "Horsin' Around" to celebrate the holidays. Picking up where he left off, Bojack Horseman...

Cabin Fever 3 : Patient Zero

Cabin Fever 3 : Patient Zero is a 2014 Germany horror Sci-Fi thriller film directed by Kaare Andrews and written by Jake Wade Wall (screenplay). It released on 6 February 2014. The film stars Sean...

Always Woodstock

A female composer is in crisis, full of inner conflict to life in New York City. She returnes home to rest his childhood this summer and faces many old memories of the past, is also remind her that,...

Young And Hungry - Season 1

A wealthy young tech entrepreneur Josh employs feisty food blogger Gabi to be his new personal chef in San Francisco. The series revolves around the couple and their friends after the couple's...

Lilyhammer - Season 3

Season 3 opens with Frank seeing a girl in trouble at New Year Eve, but when he decides to intervene, he's the one who needs help. Later, Roar finds himself in trouble, in Brazil. Frank and...

Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife

Katt Williams performs throughout his nationwide, “Growth Spurt” Tour, the new unique features Williams’ fearless take on a number of subjects, such as: the allure of California weed...

The Redwood Massacre

People are eager to wait for the exact date to check out the infamous murder. Everything becomes a nightmare when one of them discovers that a terrible bloody massacre is truth. What do they face the...

Below Deck - Season 02

Another summer brings another charter season full of surf, sand and high class demands. As the crew enjoys a boozy night out at a beach bar, they probe for details about Kat and Amy's tense history...




Sam is a 12 year-old boy with various imagination. He decides to undertake an expedition into the jungle and he hopes to meet monsters. He does not expect that his immature thinking leads to horrible...
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