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Romance Movies

Watch Romance online with English Subtitle. Romance list of great film. Just a better place for watching Romance for free. - Page 2

Station 19 - Season 01

In season 1 opener, when the team responds to an apartment fire, Captain Pruitt takes a hit, the future of the station's leadership is in jeopardy and firefighter Andy Herrera is forced to step up....

Summer of '67


Summer of '67

Based on real life events, this movie brings to life the turbulent times of the sixties and the struggles faced by the men and women impacted by the Vietnam War.

When It Comes Around

The movie centers on a young successful sports executive who falls in love with a new agent at his office. He is manipulated by this beautiful woman and used as a pawn for her advancement.

[18+] Lie with Me

A young woman who's formed her sexual identity around anonymous one-night-stands considers the option of a committed, monogamous relationship with an equally aggressive young man, which brings a...

My Girl


My Girl

Having a perpetually indebted father, Joo Yoo Rin finds herself out of tricky situations, which gets Seol Gong Chan, a rich heir to a company hires her to impersonate his long lost cousin. What will...

Gossip Girl - Season 6

This is the last season of this series and finally, the main characters seem to be settle down after various times of shifting their relationships. After all, they are all mature and gather together...

Cold Feet - Season 8

Love hurts, life is unpredictable, and it never just rains, it pours. For Adam, Pete, Jenny, David and Karen, they have been through it all and life does not get any easier as the years go by. In...

Loving You a Thousand Time

Affairs, surrogacy, and love bring four lonely souls together in this melodramatic hit. A woman desperate for money agrees to become a surrogate mother for a married couple only to fall in love at...

Back To Christmas

Magically transported to the Christmas before her canceled wedding, a woman gets a second chance at happiness with her former fiance. She travels back one year in time to the Christmas before her...

Youve Got Mail

The story of two people who live in New York and know each other through the Internet. But in real life, they did not expect to be rivals: He is the big boss bookstore. She is a small bookshop owners...

Daddys Little Girls

“Daddy Little Girls” centers on the relationship between a successful-but lonely lawyer and a single father, a mechanic who is trying to take his three daughters back from his ex-wife known as a...

All The Right Moves

“All The Right Move” follows Stefan Djordjevic a foofball star at high school whose dream is looking for a football scholarship to escape from his small town of Western Pennsylvania. However, his...




When the groom's oldest friend, Cole, finds out his best friend, Jason, is getting married, he escapes from the institution he has been incarcerated in and makes a surprise visit to serve as best man.

Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride

Set during a full Valentine's Day weekend at the Inn, when Olivia and Mick host Mick's sister and her finance; Mick's daughter and her beau; and Olivia's mother and her boyfriend. Things get chaotic...

On Chesil Beach

In 1962 England, a young couple, both in their early 20s and also both virgins, spends their honeymoon preoccupied and terrified by the upcoming consummation of their marriage.




A roman comedy directed by Mark Lamprell. Elspeth wants to be a singer but she has to take care of her mischievous twins boy. However, through a web-cam istalled in her kitchen, she begins to perform...

Kal Ho Naa Ho


Kal Ho Naa Ho

The drama centers on Naina, a very serious girl, who has a struggling life. One day, her soul is awakened by the happy-go-lucky Aman, who gives her lessons about life. As a result, she falls in love...

Cooley High


Cooley High

Directed by Michael Schultz, this classic comedy involves girls, school, and police troubles as a group of high-school seniors are getting things ready for post-high-school life. Then life changes...

City of Angels

Starring Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan and Andre Braugher, this romantic drama tells the love story between a female doctor and a heavenly angel. When the angel realizes that the doctor can see him, he...




This is a story about the infinite possibility of love. Struggling to cope with the death of his wife, widower Early Landry moves to Los Angeles to be near his sister. A stranger in the city, Early's...

Christmas in the Air

In this, Lydia, a successful professional organizer, is constantly trying to grow her business, but even her ambition takes a back seat to love when she meets Robert, a toy inventor and also a...




Hairspray talks about a little girl with a passion for dancing and love to perform in a dance program. But since then she has received the grudge from her . dance partner. Whether she could pursue...

Cain and Abel


Cain and Abel

The film revolves around two brother: Lee Cho-in and Lee Seon-woo. While Cho-in has a beautiful wife, a successful career, and more recognition from father, Seon-woo has nothing. And that's the...




The film centers on loveable billionaire Arthur Bach, an irresponsible charmer who has always relied on his limitless fortune to get by. However, he stands to lose his wealthy inheritance when he...

Chennai Express

It is a story of a man who is 40 years old and has a peaceful life. One day he decides to change and find the freedom. He meets a women and he realizes the importance of love and life.

Looks Like Christmas

The movie depicts the battle between single parents as Carol is responsible for preparing for the annual Christmas Spectacular event at her children’s school and she would not like any plan changes...

Holiday Breakup

The movie tells the story of an impulsive woman and a steady man who fall in love, break up, and pretend to still be a couple so their big three holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, do not...

Picking Up & Dropping Off

‘’ Picking Up & Dropping Off ‘’ follows a divorced Denver weatherman Will, who only has custody of his son during holidays and a divorced mother Jane, who also has to look after her daughter...
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