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Drama Movies

Watch Drama online with English Subtitle. Drama list of great film. Just a better place for watching Drama for free. - Page 5

Lost Girl - Season 5

In this season, Bo finds the second shoe and descends to Valhalla to rescue Kenzi. Bo and Tamsin disagree over a young Fae who asks for help. Trick turns to Dyson with a mysterious case and an...

Rust Creek


Rust Creek

The movie centers on an overachieving college student who gets lost on her way to a job interview. A wrong turn leaves her stranded deep in the Kentucky forest. The woman must defend herself against...

Animal Kingdom - Season 3

Season 3 opens with Baz fighting for his life as the Cody boys figure out their next move in the aftermath of the shooting; Smurf getting some surprising news in jail and fields an offer from Pearce.

The Outfield


The Outfield

Three high-school baseball players (Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Joey Bragg) have their futures mapped out for them. However, due to some events, their futures are suddenly thrown in limbo and they...




When researching about Kansas family's murders,Truman Capote has a complex relationship with one of the killers. So that, he has to face many difficult things.

Cadet Kelly


Cadet Kelly

Cadet Kelly is a naughty and clumsy girl, who is forced to join the military at George Washington Military Academy, where her step-father Brigadier General Joe is the chief. Now she has to get used...

Love of My Life

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Grace plans to enjoy her last few days with her teenage daughters and sweet, bumbling husband. Things get complicated when her ex-husband shows up at her...

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

The story of one man who believed he could make a difference, and in doing so, stood up to the entire United State government. A great story about how the American rule of law works and how one man...

24 - Season 9 (Live Another Day)

Set four years after the events of Season 8, the series again depicts the events of a single day in Jack Bauer's life as Jack Bauer comes out of hiding in London to head off a massive terrorist...

Front Cover


Front Cover

The film tells a story about a relationship between gay fashion stylist and the famous China actor. The actor wants to keep their story in secret. One day a Chinese tabloid magazine public their...

Age of Youth 2

Set one year after season 1 of "Age of Youth." This season continues to follows the story of five college students who connect over the growing pains in their youth.

White Collar Hooligan 3

The film tells a story of two hooligans : Mike and Eddie who determine to find the real criminal to revenge for the death of Katie. In fact, they must face the ups and downs in the World Cup to...

The Summoning


The Summoning

This movie tells the story of law student Rachel Iverson as she uncovers chilling secrets and places her life at risk. A bitter, rough-around-the-edges detective then gets assigned to her case.

Dawsons Creek - Season 2

Film is directed by Kevin Williamson with the participation of many stars such as James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams. Scenes include Dawson and Joey's first break-up, Jen meeting...

Gangster Squad

Gangster Mickey Cohen long for power of the mafia world in LA 1949. Meanwhile Police Chief William Parker builds up a special team to bring Cohen to justice. Seargant John O'Mara, a former World War...

Escape from Alcatraz

Frank Morris, a hardened con with a history of prison breaks, is sent to serve the rest of his life sentence at Alcatraz, the most secure prison of its time. But it can't keep Frank, especially with...

Touching Home


Touching Home

The true story about a father struggling to make amends with his twin sons who return home after failing to become baseball players. The brothers then attempt to rethink their lives while reconciling...

Search Engines

The topic is social media and its discontents as friends and family gather for a SoCal Thanksgiving. Each person now must deal with their own crisis with marriages being tested, values questioned and...

Make It Happen

Make It Happen is a 2008 dance film about a young girl named Lauryn Kirk embarking on a journey to fulfill her dreams as a dancer and she discovers new style of dance that will prove to be the...

The Last Seduction

Bridget Gregory has a lot going for her: she's beautiful, she's intelligent, she's married to a doctor. But all of this isn't enough, as her husband Clay finds out. After she persuaded him to sell...

Shin Godzilla


Shin Godzilla

An unknown accident occurs in Tokyo Bay's Aqua Line, sends to the land a giant creature that soon destroys town after town with its landing reaching the capital. Now it's up to a rag-tag team of...

Deadly Hero


Deadly Hero

When disturbed New York City (NYPD) cop Lacy rescues Sally, a beautiful cellist, from deranged crook Rabbit by shooting Rabbit in cold blood, he sets off a spark of publicity that brands him the...

Red Rock - Season 3

In this season, Davey Webb has been arrested and brought into the station. Nikki and Lonergan have evidence but seek a confession to strengthen their case. Rachel skips school to meet Conor but he...

The Americans - Season 1

The series is the story of Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, two Soviet KGB officers posing as U.S. citizens and a married couple to spy on the American government. Along the way, Philip faces...

The Following - Season 3

Already a year since caught, Joe Carroll and Ryan Hardy has continued with their life. Ryan also has a new girlfriend, Gwen. Mike Weston has returned after a long absence, but the relationship with...

Hangmen Also Die

The film takes place on May 27, 1942, the time when the Nazi Reichsprotector of Bohemia, the "Hangman" Reinhard Heydrich, died from the bullets of unidentified resistance fighters. Hangmen Also Die...

Straw Dogs


Straw Dogs

In order to keep off the Vietnam-era social chaos in the U.S., American mathematician David Sumner and his British wife Amy, decide to move to the remote Cornish town where she grew up, just to finds...

Pennies from Heaven

During the Great Depression, a sheet music salesman who begins an affair with a withdrawn yet beautiful teacher, Eileen. Though Arthur and Eileen prove to be kindred spirits, fate may not have their...




The film follows Thracian Spartacus, a rebellious slave purchased by the owner of a school for gladiators as he leads a violent revolt against the decadent Roman Republic.
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