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Documentary Movies

Watch Documentary online with English Subtitle. Documentary list of great film. Just a better place for watching Documentary for free. - Page 2

Derren Brown: Miracle

Derren Brown is a mentalist, illusionist, pop philosopher and debunker of scam-artists and mediums. In this documentary, he reinvents the concept of "faith healing" through a series of stunts that...

Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism

Filmmaker Tariq Nasheed tackles the taboo subject of systematic racism. The film explores how institutional racism effects all areas of human activity, and the rules, laws, and public policies that...

Lauda The Untold Story

The documentary gives an unseen look at the circumstances surrounding Formula One champion Niki Lauda’s infamous crash at Nurburgring in 1976 and explains what happened on that fateful, and near...

The Grown Ups


The Grown Ups

The film opens 40 years after a group of friends with Down syndrome having attended a school. Now they will have to fight to get better jobs, earn a living like everyone else, learn to take care of...

Dirty Old Wedge

The Wedge is famous location with powerful artificial waves is built in the 1930's. Every years, many people who take risk always come here to challenge themselves with the huge waves.

Mysteries at the Museum - Season 21

The extraordinary, often bizarre treasures housed in America's museums represent wondrous chapters in history, but a physical display can tell only part of their story. Behind each artefact are...




Reincarnated is a documentary film about the musician Snoop Dogg's explorations of reggae and Rastafarian culture, and his transformation into Snoop Lion. It depicts his past career, including his...

Murder Calls - Season 3

Season 3 opens with a man calling 911 claiming he found his ex-girlfriend dead, and his behavior on the call leads police to wonder if he could be involved. Investigators tirelessly gather evidence...

Mommy Dead and Dearest

Directed by Erin Lee Carr, "Mommy Dead and Dearest" is a documentary in which the murder of Deedee Blanchard by her daughter Gypsey Rose is explored, as well as the circumstances leading up to the...

Dirty Money - Season 01

Using first-hand accounts from perpetrators and their victims, combined with rarely-seen video footage, this addictive series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Amid growing public and...

The Square


The Square

The Square is a 2013 Egyptian-American documentary film which chronicles the continuing Egyptian Crisis until 2013, beginning with the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 at Tahrir Square. Guiding the viewer...

Man on Wire


Man on Wire

On August 7th 1974, a young Frenchman named Philippe Petit performed an illegal high-wire walk between the New York's twin towers. After nearly an hour dancing on the wire with no protecting tools,...

Paranormal Witness - Season 3

Season 3 opens with a single mother with two daughters moving into a new home after losing her husband to a fire. She says the home was used for ritualistic practices and is now a doorway for a...

A Fat Wreck


A Fat Wreck

This movie documents the early history of Fat Wreck Chords, from its founding by Fat Mike and his then wife Erin Burkett, through its cultural zenith in the late 1990's.

MythBusters - Season 10

Does a bullet made out of teeth leave no traces? Is it able to ride a bike underwater? Just join effect experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman and discover what urban myths really are. This season of...

The Salt of the Earth

For the last 40 years, the photographer Sebastião Salgado has been travelling through the continents, in the footsteps of an ever-changing humanity. He has witnessed some of the major events of our...

Mind Field - Season 2

Season 2 opens with Michael testing the famous "trolley problem". In the world’s first realistic simulation of this controversial moral dilemma, unsuspecting subjects will be forced to make what...




Follow two cultural entrepreneurs as they set out on a global journey to uncover the art of connecting within in today's world of distraction and stress.

Citizen Soldier

Told from the point of view of a group of Soldiers, the film shows how they embody the military ethos of never leaving a fallen comrade behind and details exactly what they went through on the front...

The China Hustle

In this documentary, investors seeking new alternatives for high returns find a gold mine in China, until the discovery of a massive web of fraud calls everything else into question.

Blood Sweat and Beer

Blood Sweat and Beer is a successful film and it attracts many viewers. Film based on the life of a famous folk singer Dutch world has ever known, Andre Hazes, a life full of incident and unrest.

Romeo is Bleeding

A fatal turf war between neighborhoods haunts the city of Richmond, Calif. The movie follows Donte Clark, a young poet transcending the violence in his hometown by writing about his experiences.

Teach Us All


Teach Us All

Sixty years ago today, nine black students entered an all-white high school in Little Rock, Arkansas. The new documentary "Teach Us All" honors the Little Rock Nine. It explores how educational...

Springsteen and I

A documentary-biographical film directed by Baillie Walsh and about Bruce Springsteen. Through conversations with Springsteen and his world-wide fans, the film discover some of the most unusual and...

Thank You for Playing

“That Dragon, Cancer” is a special video game is created by a video game programmer Ryan Green because of his young son who must struggle cancer. He determines to documentary everything in their...

Long Island Medium - Season 10

Season 10 opens with Theresa giving readings to some of your favorite celebrities. Comedian Rosie O'Donnell, Oscar-winning actress and comic Mo'Nique, "Mike & Molly" star Billy Gardell, and Porsha...




Not everyone believes in ghosts, including some of the people trying to find them. Four filmmakers participate in a humorous quest to see if ghosts really exist. Eight months in five states,...
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