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Crime Movies

Watch Crime online with English Subtitle. Crime list of great film. Just a better place for watching Crime for free. - Page 4

True Confessions (1981)

In 1940s Los Angeles, Detective Tom Spellacy probes into the savage murder of a woman found dumped in an empty lot, not knowing that he will have to clash with his younger brother, a worldly...

Dancer in the Dark

Set in rural America in 1964, an immigrant and single mother who works at a factory takes refuge from her hardships by imagining herself and her co-workers in Hollywood musicals.




Steven Summers returns home with his girlfriend from his college to attend his Uncle's annual Haunted Hayride. He soon faces the live verson of Pitchfork, a character his uncle created for the...

Sleeping with the Enemy

In order to get away from her obsessive husband, Laura stages her own death and flees to a new town. Everything seems so great but her crazy husband suddenly appears to kill her.

Assault on a Queen

A wealthy woman teams up with her cruel lover to persuade an ex-submarine officer to fulfill their plan which is to raise a sunken submarine. What the ups and downs will they struggle to attain their...

Power - Season 4

Season 4 opens with Ghost's arrest for the murder of Agent Knox leaving him facing threats from a number of sources, while Tasha scrambling to raise bail as the Feds build a case. Meanwhile, Tommy...




The movie centers on a veteran detective who is officially denied the opportunity of clearing the name of his late best friend who has been posthumously accused of drug pushing. While doing the...

The Heat


The Heat

THE HEAT is a funny story about female FBI agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) and policewoman Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) when they carry out their mission. One is very clever, shrewd ,...

Unforgettable - Season 2

In season 2 of the thrilling crime series, Carrie Wells, a detective with a unique memory to remember everything returns with her renown in solving homicide. Her fame captures the attention of Eliot...

Rookie Blue - Season 3

In this season, McNally faces an official hearing which will decide if she should be reinstated back onto the force. Also, Peck gets a shock when a new rookie, ex-soldier Nick Collins, arrives for...




After years of killing, an old Latino Hitman goes though repentance and regret, hoping to do something as compensations. Unfortunately, when his beloved daughter is brutally killed, the assassin has...




Convicted murderer Henri Charriere, known as "Papillon" for his butterfly chest tattoo, is transported to French Guiana to serve his sentence in a work camp. There Henri befriends a fellow criminal,...

Mrs.Cop 2


Mrs.Cop 2

‘’ Mrs.Cop 2 ‘’ revolves around a tough female cop, who teams up with her superior and squad members in order to solve criminal cases. After Choi Young-Jin takes time off from work, Ko...

Murder by Numbers - Season 1

The series begins with the grisly discovery of a body and the onset of an investigation. When police think they've solved the case, shocking twists sends each investigation into the depths of evil.

Southland - Season 5

John trains a new rookie officer, but he soon leaves the department, which makes John refuses to give training anymore. Lydia struggles to care for her newly born child while simultaneously...

Vincent N Roxxy

The story takes place on a film set in a small town. On the run, a loner expectedly fall in love with a rebellious rocker. How do they deal with difficulties when discovering violence follows them...




A struggling actress takes a job working as a runner for her mother's boyfriend to save money for her Hollywood dream. When the cash doesn't come in fast enough, she gets involved in a diamond heist...

How To Get Away With Murder - Season 4

Season 4 opens with Annalise returning to her family home to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, and realizing that, in order to rebuild, she must make a tough and shocking decision.

Dirty Dead Con Men

The movie centers on the disturbed lives of two unlikely partners: Mickey Rady, a rogue undercover cop and Kook Packard, a smooth and charismatic con man.




When a major storm approaches the outskirts of Atlantic City, a man attempts to make sure that his estranged family does not fall victim to the vengeance of a local crime lord.




This film is about life of a notorious mafia. When he was a child, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) has dreamed of becoming a gangster. He admired the Lucchese gangster family. In 1955, Henry and his friend...

Shut Eye - Season 2

Season 2 opens with Charlie and Linda considering their options in the aftermath of the disastrous wedding between Drina and Li'l Tony; Fonso being called to a special meeting of the Roma Council;...

MacGyver - Season 4

In the fourth season of MacGyver, an American television series, with 19 espisodes, old friends and old enemies of MacGyver return to complicate MacGyver's life.

The Baytown Outlaws

The movie follows a woman Celeste who hires three outlawed and roughneck brothers to bring her godson, Rob, back to her after she is shot three times in the gut by her ex-husband. But everything is...

My Moms New Boyfriend

A movie focuses on Henry Durand, a young federal agent who must care for his mother after his father died. However, when his mother has relationship with a man who is believed to be involved in a...

NCIS - Season 2

Returning in Season 2 of NCIS series, the elite anti-crime team, led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs - a highly skilled investigator and interrogator, continues to work on the field and solve...

Demolition Man

This is a fiction story about the United States in 2032 when the United States occurs an earthquake. Now anarchy everywhere make police job becomes dangerous, and more than ever a dangerous crime has...

The Running Man

When the economy collapsed, the USA closes it border and becomes a militarized police state. Meanwhile, Ben Richards, a police officer is condemmed for a crime which he did not do. He fights back...

Arrow - Season 7

The Season 7 premiere picks up five months after Oliver turned himself into the FBI and revealed his identity as the Green Arrow to the public. He’s incarcerated at Slabside Maximum Security Prison...

The Story of the Kelly Gang

This is a 1906 crime film is based on the true story and directed by Charles Tait follows an Australian criminal named Ned Kelly who always live in an underground world and breaks the law in 1855...
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