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Crime Movies

Watch Crime online with English Subtitle. Crime list of great film. Just a better place for watching Crime for free. - Page 2

Homeland - Season 1

Volatile CIA agent Carrie Mathison investigates and ultimately becomes obsessed with returned POW marine Nicholas Brody, who may or may not be an al-Qaeda-trained terrorist; Brody struggles to resume...

Oceans Eleven


Oceans Eleven

Danny Ocean wants to score the biggest heist in history. He combines an eleven member team, including Frank Catton, Rusty Ryan and Linus Caldwell. Their target? The Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM...

The Frankenstein Chronicles - Season 1

In the first season of this sci-fi action drama series, the police apprehend a gang of opium smugglers on the banks of the Thames, but as he stands at the water's edge, Inspector John Marlott makes a...

I Know Who Killed Me

An American horror film talks about a young pianist and writer, Aubrey Fleming. She disappeared one night and was believed to be caught by a serial killer. Eventually, she is found by the side of a...

The Stranger


The Stranger

The Stranger is an American film noir starring Edward G. Robinson, Loretta Young, and Orson Welles. A drama about a war crimes investigator from the War Crimes Commission who tracks a high-ranking...

Riverdale - Season 2

In the season premiere, Fred's life hangs in the balance following the shooting; Veronica's father arrives into town; Jughead and Betty question the gunman's true motives after they hear Pop Tate...

After the Sunset

The story of what happens after a master thief achieves his last big score, when the FBI agent who promised he'd capture him is about to do just that.

The Public Enemy

Tom Powers and Matt Doyle have best friends and fellow gangsters since they were children. When they comes into their adulthood, they join the gang of Paddy Ryan, bootlegging during the Prohibition...

Murder By Numbers - Season 2

In the first episode, a monster hunts the streets of Baton Rouge, leaving three women raped, murdered and sadistically posed and everyone in town on edge. But when one brave woman survives a vicious...

Assault in Paradise

A killer plants a couple of arrows in a couple of cops and leaves a ransom note at the police station demanding $1 million or the local millionaires are gonna be skewered too. Instead of leaving it...

West of Sunshine

The movie centers on a father who has less than a day to pay back a debt to a violent loan shark, while looking after his young son.

Criminal Minds - Season 13

Season 13 begins with Agent Matt Simmons, an ex-Delta soldier and former International Response Team member, joining the BAU in a race to take down Mr. Scratch and save one of their own in the...

High Crimes


High Crimes

Claire Kubik is an excellent attorney seems to have everything. One day, her life becomes a tragedy when her husband is involved a murder. She believes in her husband and determines to find evidences...




With many attractive circumstances, Shottas tells about crime who connect to selling drugs and extortion, hence the title. The crimes start off in Jamaica and then move to USA. Let's watch this movie...

The Specialist

Sharon Stone & Sylvester Stallone , two of Hollywood's biggest stars combine fiery action with steamy sensuality in The Specialist. Sharon entices Sylvester, a bomb expert she's involved with, into...




The beautiful fugitive, Grace, is reluctantly accepted in a small Colorado town. In exchange, she agrees to work for them. As a search visits town, she finds out that their support has a price. Yet...

The Frozen Ground

The Frozen Ground follows an Alaska Trooper named Jack Holcombe, who strongly believes that Robert Hansen is a serial killer, whose targets are little girl. What will the brave cop do to capture the...

MacGyver - Season 6

Even more progressive is the near-genius MacGyver who never carries a gun and always thwarts the enemy with his vast scientific knowledge, sometimes with little more than a paper clip and the duct...

Medium - Season 6

Season 6 opens with Allison has spent a month now undergoing physiotherapy to try and regain the use of her right hand after having been in a coma for three months. With neither she nor Joe...

Thin Ice


Thin Ice

A dishonest insurance salesman's life quickly disintegrates during a Wisconsin winter when he teams up with a psychopath to steal a rare violin at the home of a reclusive farmer. What will happen?




A criminal psychologist is assigned to the murder of a man who has seemingly been strangled in his sleep by his wife and the only witness is their eight-year-old daughter. She soon meets members of a...

Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye (Also Known As: Ojo por ojo ) is a Crime Drama Thriller film directed by John Schlesinger and written by Erika Holzer (novel), Amanda Silver (screenplay). It released on 12 January...

Furthest Witness

The movie centers on a man who specializes in helping witnesses disappear. As he begins to fall in love with his latest client, they are pursued by a mysterious man who leaves a trail of corpses in...

Small Town Killers

After a huge fight with their wives, best buddies Ib and Edward get drunk and hire a Russian contract killer to do a hit on their spouses. Their plot, however, goes awry when the Russian hitman they...

Buffalo '66


Buffalo '66

After being released from prison, Billy has a plan to visit his parents who do not know that he has no wife . This makes him to kidnap a dancer and ask her to act as his wife to impress his...

Boyka: Undisputed IV

Undisputed is a martial arts film. Scott Adkins reprises his role as Yuri Boyka. And in the fourth installment of the fighting franchise, Boyka is shooting for the big leagues when an accidental...

The Sentinel


The Sentinel

Pete Garrison is on the run because many evidences point he is a traitor in United States Secret Service. He determines to clear his name and rescues the president from assassinating.

Lethal Weapon 4

In this part, foursome Captain Martin Riggs, Roger Murtaugh and Lee Butters, Leo Getz investigated the mystery behind a series of crimes related to the smuggling and counterfeiting of immigrants. All...

Pretty Poison


Pretty Poison

The film follows Dennis Pitt, a formerly institutionalized young man who becomes attracted by teenager Sue Ann Stepenek. Telling Sue Ann that he is a secret agent, Dennis takes the girl into a series...
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